Hooking up Isaac and you may Jacob on the Category of Abraham

Hooking up Isaac and you may Jacob on the Category of Abraham

… Sarah cannot come in ch. 24. Appearing back along side facts, new reference would-be just to the daddy who, early in the newest section, believed he had been next to passing. It’s probable therefore the concluding phrase ran: ‘Thus Isaac try comfortable pursuing the loss of their father.’…

Gunkel’s solution is maybe not enough, yet not. Their dispute one “in the event the servant involves Isaac, Isaac informs your you to definitely his dad keeps died on interim,” ignores the reality that the slave means Isaac once the “his grasp” before the a couple of had a way to speak (v. 65), where section, the newest slave have no recognized you to Abraham had passed away. Furthermore, the new see about Isaac finding comfort to have his mother’s demise links without a doubt so you can Sarah passing (ch. 23), meaning that there’s absolutely no good reason so you can emend the brand new verse so you can “father.”

A good Fragment out-of Tradition

I will suggest that to begin with it was Isaac, allegedly on his own effort, whom delivers of his servant to track down your a spouse. Ergo, in the event the slave productivity having Rebecca, the guy presents their particular right to Isaac.

As i dispute during my “Isaac before He had been Abraham’s Child” (TheTorah 2020), Abraham was previously a separate patriarch, who served by yourself as the “father” of the nation

An editor revised the bulk of the newest narrative (vv. 1–52), you to definitely to begin with concerned about Isaac just, to present Abraham because person who cared for their young buck and establish to possess their relationship just before their death. For this reason, the man identifies “their master Abraham” (vv. a dozen, twenty-seven, 42, 48) in fact it is entitled “Abraham’s servant” (vv. 34, 52), and much of your conversation is mostly about the latest servant looking for a wife to the master’s young man.

A beneficial fragment of your earliest brand of brand new narrative is preserved away from v. 53, and this identifies the newest servant’s present in order to Rebecca’s sister and mother, before the stop of the narrative, with only a few article glosses (vv. 59, and you may 67a).

Here, the newest servant was described just due to the fact “new servant” otherwise “the man” (vv. 53, 58, 61, 65 [twice], 66), which will just as easily be a mention of the Isaac’s servant. Much more rather, beginning with verse 54, we discover “brand new servant” speaking-to Rebecca’s mother and you may cousin about “my personal grasp” (vv. 54, 56) in lieu of “my learn Abraham” (like in vv. a dozen, 27, 35–37, 39, 42, 48):

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Gen The new slave introduced things away from gold-and-silver, and you will clothes, and gave them to Rebecca; and then he offered presents so you’re able to their particular sis along with her mom. Then he plus the guys that have him consumed and you can ate, plus they spent the night time. After they emerged 2nd early morning, the guy told you, “Give myself get off to visit my learn.”… He believed to them, “Do not reduce me, given that YHWH makes my personal errand successful. Bring me personally exit that we might have to go to my learn.”

From here until verse 65, the newest servant seems to be speaing frankly about Isaac when he claims “my personal grasp;” this is certainly clear as he demonstrates to you so you’re able to Rebecca whom the person addressing all of them are.

As to why try the storyline reworked to help make the effort into is the reason and not Isaac’s? In the first place, the fresh Abraham and you can Isaac reports was separate traditions, and you will weren’t connected: Isaac was not Abraham’s young buck. Meanwhile Svenska kvinnlig, Isaac along with his son Jacob-the daddy out of Israel-belonged to help you a parallel, separate, national culture.

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